NeoStock Licensing FAQs


1. How do I know if the title I am designing for will exceed 250,000 print copies?

In most cases, our STANDARD LICENSE will be the right choice for your book cover / cover illustration project. The MASS MARKET LICENSE is for major publishers, or design agencies -- who are working on projects that will be reaching very wide audiences (exceeding 250,000 print copies).


2. What license shall I use, if I want to create SWAG, bookmarks, postcards etc?

If the products you're creating are FREE giveaways, like supplementary promotional items for book releases (for instance), our STANDARD LICENSE will be fine.

If however, you are creating items (such as calendars, fine-art prints, templates etc.) TO SELL -- then you will have to purchase the EXTENDED LICENSE.


3.What license do I need, if I want to create Book Trailers?

You can create book trailers with our STANDARD LICENSE, as it is a supplementary promotion tool, and not a product to be re-sold.


4. Can I upgrade my License (if I choose to sell products / reach a mass market audience)  later down the line?

Most certainly!! Drop us a line via our CONTACT PAGE, and we'll arrange an invoice for the upgrade fee.



We hold model-release forms, for all shoots within our library.


6. How do I purchase your images?

When you click on an image within our galleries, there is a blue '$ Buy RF License' button, click that to see the price / license options and add the image to your cart.


7. How do I create an account on the NeoStock Website?

To create a NeoStock account, either add an image to a Lightbox and click 'Save for Later'... or alternatively add an image to the cart ($ Buy RF License), and go through the checkout process.


8. Can I use my image(s) for multiple projects?

Absolutely!! If you need to use your image(s) in more than one project, go right ahead - there's no need to buy an additional license.


8. My question hasn't been answered here, how can I get in touch?

Please drop us a line via our CONTACT PAGE, and we'll be in touch to answer your questions.


Private Lightroom FAQs


1. What is the NeoStock Private Lightroom?

 The Private Lightroom is a secret gallery, that contains EVERY photo we have ever shot for NeoStock. Our customers really enjoyed the massive range of poses we offered previously (up to 1,500 poses per set!!)... in response to customer demand we decided to implement the full galleries here on our main platform.

Aside from access to these massive galleries, the Private Lightroom also contains tonnes of Free Images (for personal OR commercial use), Video Tutorials (coming soon), and a swathe of Extra Goodies.


2. What do I get when I subscribe to the Private Lightroom?

Once you have access to the Private Lightroom, you can view / purchase ANY of the images from our complete unedited library. These collections contain up to 80 - 90% more images than the public galleries.

Aside from the images, there are three additional galleries within the Private Lightroom: Video Tutorials, Free Images, and Extra Goodies. Each month, we add Photoshop Video Tutorials, Free Image Downloads, AND secret extra goodies to these galleries!!


3. How do I subscribe to the Private Lightroom / how much does it cost?

The Private Lightroom subscription costs $19(USD) per month, and is handled using Paypal Recurring Subscription. There is no minimum term, and you are free to cancel at any time you like.

As we give you so much value in these galleries, we kindly ask that you stick with us for a minimum of 6 months - although you're not obligated to do so.

* To Subscribe to the Private Lightroom - Click HERE *


4. I subscribed to Private Lightroom, but the gallery is asking me for a login??

Access to the Private Lightroom is handled manually, so please allow up to 8 hours for your welcome email with login instructions... Usually it will be a lot faster than that - but due to time differences, there may be a little wait (we do like our sleep, and would like to thank you for your patience!)


5. I already have an account with NeoStock, but I can't gain access to the Private Lightroom?

The Private Lightroom area / tutorial content is seperate from the main public platform, and is only accessible with a ($19USD oer month) subscription.


6. Are ALL the images in the Private Lightroom free?

We have a dedicated gallery for FREE image downloads in the Private Lightroom, that you can use for personal projects, premades, and commercial work. All other images are premium, and require purchase for download.


7. How do I cancel my Private Lightroom subscription?

You can cancel your Private Lightroom subscription within the user-area of your Paypal account. Click HERE for full instructions.


8. My question hasn't been answered here, how can I get in touch?

Please drop us a line via our CONTACT PAGE, and we'll be in touch to answer your questions.


Discount Image Pack FAQs


 1. What are the Discount Image Packs?

Our Discount Image Packs allow you to purchase NeoStock images at a discount, in multiples of 5.

Individual images are $25(USD) on our platform - with our Image Packs, you're able to get 5 images for $75(USD), a saving of $10 per image!!


2. Where can I purchase your Discount Image Packs?

You can purchase our Discount Image Packs HERE.


3. I've purchased the Discount Image Pack, now what?

Image Pack orders are handled manually on-site, so please allow up to 8 hours for your email confirming your purchase (it will usually be a LOT faster than that!!)

Your email will contain a unique COUPON CODE - simply add the image you require to your cart, and apply your code, and complete checkout. The cart will reduce to $0, and the system will deliver the file automatically to your email.


4. Do the Image Pack credits expire?

Our Image Pack credits remain useable on our system for 5 years!!


5. My question hasn't been answered here, how can I get in touch?

Please drop us a line via our CONTACT PAGE, and we'll be in touch to answer your questions.

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