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Thanks so much for your interest in NeoStock Affiliates – I'm really excited to be collaborating with you!!

This info page contains all of the information and resources you should need - to promote the Core Skills Photoshop Training Suite, and our new Photo Stock Bundle deals. Included is the SIGN-UP link to join our program, AFFILIATE PAYOUT INFO, suggested SALES STRATEGIES, and a selection of SALES GRAPHICS for you to use with your promotional posts / reviews etc.

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We use SendOwl for digital delivery of our products / the management system for our Affiliate Program. You'll need to register an account with SendOwl in order to promote and receive affiliate commissions from us...

CLICK HERE to Join NeoStock Affiliates

You can access the full SendOWL Affiliate FAQ [HERE], to gain a better understanding of how the system works.

If there's any other questions you have, please feel free to drop me a DM via Facebook, a message via the SendOwl dashboard, or an email to my personal address: conzpiracydean -at- hotmail dot com – happy to help anytime!!

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We're offering a VERY competitive commission of 30%, for all affiliate sales.

Affiliate Payouts are sent monthly, via PayPal – and there's a 1 week grace period to account for potential refunds. 'Cookies' last 3 months.
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This .ZIP folder contains all of the promotional graphics for our bundled Photo Stock products.

Download folder includes: Cast Thumbnails, Product Boxes, Product Splash graphics, and Logo Title files.

Product Boxes

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Product Splash

product splash demo

Cast Thumbnails

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How you choose to promote NeoStock products is entirely up to you.

You were chosen as a collaborator because of your prowess as a community leader / content creator – so I really don't want to stifle your creativity!!

I won't insult your intelligence and discourage senseless spamming, that's a given... but if you're open to a few ideas, please check out some of the suggested strategies below:

  1. THE REVIEW MODEL: Post a series of reviews over a given time period, highlighting the pros and cons of the training suite. What you liked, what you disliked, things that could have been done better, things that were awesome. Honesty and authenticity will always win the day, so don't feel like you have to 'gloss up' or exaggerate at all. For the Training Suites, mentioning the bonuses will go a long way toward demonstrating how our packages are fiercely different from the Photoshop courses out there.
  2. BLOG / YOUTUBE CONTENT: Do you already have lots of written or video content out there already, on your own / or third party platforms? You can EASILY generate sales by using your affiliate link in relevant keywords or descriptions!! If you mention STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEO TRAINING, PHOTOSHOP, NEOSTOCK, or anything contextually relevant – create a clickable link on that word, using your personal affiliate referal link. Please feel free to drop me a line if you'd like more info on this.
  3. 'BENEFITS VS FEATURES': Sales is a slow dance, and most of us tune out marketing messages without even thinking... the more 'salesy' and promotional the post is, the higher the chance it will be ignored / disregarded. As with The Review Model, the more informal (or 'real') you are with your language, the greater the success you'll achieve with sales. Try highlighting the benefits that they'll enjoy as a result of taking the course, as opposed to laboriously listing the features / minutia of what they'll receive. People will buy on emotion first, then justify with logic after!! Our Sales Page will fill in the details and answer any of the questions our customers may have.
  4. SUCCESS STORY: Have you taken the course or learned from our PSD Documents (and increased your skillset as a reult?) Have you used one of the included Stock Photo assets to create one of your artworks? If so, sharing your work and mentioning how the training (or included assets) helped you achieve that outcome will go A LOT FURTHER than a salesy or promotional post!! This will demonstrate first-hand the value that can be gained from purchasing the training suite. Core Skills is MASSIVELY different to any other Photoshop training suite on the planet, as we give away 80 stock  photos (for commercial or personal projects), AND 16 PSD Documents for the students to dissect and reverse-engineer.
  5. TIME LIMITED OFFER: A 'Call to Action' / 'Time Limited Offer' encourages urgency, and a faster sale. The Sales Page lists a LAUNCH PROMO: [TIME LIMITED] HALF PRICE SPECIAL OFFER ($137 USD) - so it could be worth mentioning when promoting the course to your audience. Something along the lines of "These guys have a half price launch promo running, so if you're interested in this course – you should probably jump on it right now..."
  6. A CAREER IN PHOTOMANIPULATION: 9 out of 10 creative people would LOVE to ditch the dayjob, and make a fulltime living from their art. Theoretically a complete novice could take the course – and offer digital illustration services within three months, I've seen this happen firsthand MANY MANY times. If you believe this is an angle that would appeal to your audience, then you may want to mention The Core Skills will give them the professional skills to do so (Print, Output, Formatting etc.)

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